Day 72: My Body, My Battlefield

On the Curiosity show I saw an episode wherein they show what happens on a cellular level when a person gets a cold. I was absolutely astounded and shocked.

They showed in great detail how the virus penetrates the skin, how it moves through the cel, the defensive agents of the body that take action and how the virus usually sidesteps the attack or outclevers the defense system. Viruses have evolved to such an extent that they use the very tactics used by body to destroy it as a key-strategy for its own plan. Like - where it looks like the body is 'winning' - and then the virus goes: 'muahahaha! I was counting on that!'

The whole episode felt more frightening than any space-battle I have ever seen in sci-fi stuff. It's fascinating how we're going through our lives, completely unaware of the countless battles that are fought in our own body on a continuous basis.

The whole time I was thinking 'Damn! That virus is so EVIL!!' It's only purpose is to replicate, infect and ultimately destroy - a killing machine. By the end the virus had reprogrammed a cell to carry out the orders that the virus carried within him in his DNA: to replicate the virus and create an army. The virus, thus infiltrates the cell and uses it against itself. Once the army was unleashed, in a final attempt to stop the attack, surrounding cells sacrificed themselves. I mean - this is like ultimate warfare and it's not happening out in space - but right here in our very cells.

Also the defense systems used by the body were absolutely ruthless, tearing the virus apart and sucking it up - I mean, it was creepy.

If you want evidence of the statement: as above, so below - I suggest you watch the Episode - you can find it on YouTube here: The evil of human nature not only manifests in our behaviour towards others, in the rules of our economic system and in political scheming and strategising - it determines the interactions within our tissue, within our flesh, within our cells. One of the worst fears I grew up with was the fear of a war breaking out - it absolutely paralysed me - the thought of it was petrifying and the idea of the chaos and the fear I would probably experience were like my worst nightmare. Yet, all this time, war is being waged inside ourselves.

I mean - what does this say about my awareness? That it is basically non-existent - if I am not even aware of my own cells and what goes on within them. I have to get a snotty nose before I realise something's up - but by that time several battles have already been fought.

So - what are the specific points of fear that came up?

1. A secret intruder/a lurking evil
2. The conning and deceiving of the body's cells
3. The complete take-over of a cell, where 'who the cell originally was' becomes non-existent and becomes an incubator for little virus babies
4. The manipulation of 'innocent' proteins
5. The ruthlessness/mercilessness in instant destruction
6. The singlemindedness of having one singular goal of destruction

I'll take on these points through Self-Forgiveness in my next blog.
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