From Blaming Secret Societies to Taking Self-Responsibility

Before I was introduced to Desteni, I was – together with my brother and sister – busy researching and investigating anything there was to know about secret societies, the elite, the Illuminati, etc. The more I heard and read about them, the more I became angry and upset and the more I wanted to ‘find those bastards’ and ‘give them what tilluminatihey deserve’. In my view, they were the cause of all evil in the world. I tried to tell people about them, so that they would be aware of those powerful beings who seemed to govern everything of our world, but most people didn’t take it seriously – which I found very frustrating!

Some wouldn’t hear any of it, saying it was just fairytales, others said it was possible, but weren’t convinced, others said: “And if it were so, what are you going to do about it?” This one was tough – because I had no idea what I, or anyone else, could do about it! My plan of action was to: make people aware. But once they were aware of it, then what? This made me even more angry and frustrated, and made me feel powerless on top.

At Desteni (  I was invited to consider the whole conundrum from a different perspective. They simplistically referred to the principle of oneness and equality and explained how what exists within the outer world, is merely a manifested reflection of what exists within and as ourselves; the ‘outside world’ is equal and one to each one’s ‘inner world’.

This changed the whole situation, because I could no longer be angry with the secret societies. How can I be angry with secret societies, if I allow secret thoughts within myself? But, more importantly – I was no longer frustrated, because I now had been given the key to creating the solution; through correcting that which I don’t like in the outer world, within myself. From feeling powerless, I now saw how to empower myself…

As I started applying the tools of self-forgiveness, breathing and self-corrective application, I realised how being angry with secret societies and conspiracies, is just a waste of time. The world is what it is due to how we have collectively allowed it to exist. Therefore, we cannot change the world if we don’t first change ourselves – createdespite the world.

This is how we are able to practically take responsibility for this world – through taking responsibility for ourselves in correcting that which we don’t like in the outer world, within ourselves first. From there – we move, we express, we create: equal and one as who we are.