Day 123: Desteni I Witness Report 1 - The Desteni Tools and the Desteni Farm

My name is Maite Zamora Moreno. I was born in Mechelen, Belgium on the 6th of March 1988.

I started researching Desteni in the week of October, 13th 2007 and joined the Forum on October 29th 2007. I did not immediately start applying the suggested Desteni tools as I experienced some fear about the 'good intentions' of Desteni. My brother suggested to just try it and I considered that: what could possibly go wrong or be harmful about forgiving myself? So - I pushed through the initial resistance and started applying the tools of writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application - which I haven't stopped using to this day.

Herein - I can attest to the fact that
- The tools of Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective application, when consistently applied in Self-Honesty, are tools of self-support that enable a person to break through, stop, resolve and correct self-imposed limitations, habitual patterns, reactive behavior, internal conflict, learning disabilities, brainwashing, abusive thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions.
- The tools of Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective application do not create harmful consequences.
- It was my personal decision to start this process in utilizing the Desteni tools, publish my writings and videos on blogs/vlogs and on forums - and that I was in no way coerced, manipulated or forced to do so.
- I was not asked for any donations or payments, nor did I make any, while having complete access to all articles and videos published at that time as well as receiving personal support on the forum.

In August 2008 I visited the Desteni Farm together with my sister for a period of 2 months. Here I was welcomed in their home and able to see how the Desteni Farm residents practically live together and walk their process. For the first week of my visit I did not speak with Sunette Spies as she had not been in her body during that time and had not been in her body for two weeks before. During this this week, I had many conversations with interdimensional beings and witnessed that there was no energy fluctuation whatsoever, where Sunette Spies did not require to enter back into her body after a specified period of time to stabilize it. Portalling was consistent and could be done at any time through one simple breath, without any rituals or preparations. I was present during portal-interviews and witnessed Sunette Spies leaving her body while another being would enter and speak in the moment.

Herein, I can attest to the fact that:
- Portal interviews were done in the moment without memorizing or preparing what would be spoken and that there were no cue-cards in the room off which the beings would read.
- Portalling is consistent and can be done for any duration of time, at any time.
- Desteni farm residents do not follow or participate in any rituals.
- Desteni farm residents do not lead excessive or inappropriate lifestyles.
- Bernard Poolman does not coerce, manipulate or force other residents, permanent or temporary, to do his bidding.
- There is no drug abuse or alcohol consumption on the Desteni farm.
- I was not asked to do anything against my will or consent.
- Visitors are not forced to stay and can leave when it suits them, where I witnessed several visitors change their departure date.
- I was not asked to believe anything I was told, but to test all the information for myself.
- I was never scolded, harmed or punished for any action, but instead always supported to find practical solutions.


Day 122: Throwing Myself in the Deep End

I have been observing an interesting point that was briefly mentioned in one of the EQAFE interviews of the "Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race" series in myself: that I have the tendency to first want to 'know' how to do something or get an explanation of how something is done, before I am willing to develop the point for myself. I have very much ingrained this pattern from my schooling years where this approach is how things are 'taught' in school - where you are first told and explained the 'rules' you have to follow and only once you have memorized the guidelines and the 'knowledge' part - do you have you put it into practice. This approach of 'teaching' also limits how things are done, because everyone follows the same format, you are already constrained in your expression through the instructions you are taught to follow. An interesting approach would be, for instance, to give children a task to do and to have each one have their own approach, their own perspective, their own style - and from there suggestions can be given in how things can be done more effectively for each individual student.

And so - for myself - every time I am faced with doing something new, I'll have this idea and perception that I can't do it, just because no-one has given me any instructions to follow. And within this, it is clear that I have very much defined self-trust in relation to knowledge - where 'I trust myself' means 'I am confident that I possess the knowledge in terms of how this is done and that I can effectively carry out the instructions contained within it' - lol - sounds quite robotic, right, lol. It's like I first need to be 'fed' a program or a script, so that I can just mindlessly follow the program or script in actual doing.

And, what I have found when I do push myself to just do it - just start somewhere, throw myself into the deep end - I can simply evaluate what I have done and from there, I can see for myself where I require to take a different approach, or where I can improve something and how to improve it in order to get a better result. And it is actually in those moments that self-trust comes in - because it is the seeing of what requires to change that is not based on knowledge or information that requires self-trust. Obviously, there is also always the point of being able to ask for assistance from someone who has already developed the particular skill or who has experience with the particular task to be able to specify one's own application - where, one can make one's own assessment and then ask another to share their perspective as well - and then the points can be merged and transformed into a plan for improvement.

And these attempts and try-outs don't have to be a dreadful thing - one determines this for oneself - when one can walk through the fear in breath and simply be here within and as the experiment, one can easily enjoy oneself - and even in making the assessment and making a plan for improvement. None of these points are inherently 'dreadful' or 'scary' or 'negative' - yet it's how we've often come to define them through our schooling experience - where it is strongly linked to 'not being good enough' or 'doing it wrong' or 'failing'.

So - here some perspective when one sees this pattern in oneself - to consider not placing trust in 'knowledge', but in and as ourselves - to simply walk here, in the moment from a starting-point of self-support. It's not about proving oneself to others and it's not about getting praise - it's about doing it for oneself and to discover who we are when we walk through our self-imposed limitations, fears and resistances!

To start this process, one can find support on, which is a free course where one is supported by a buddy - or one can go to where a group of people will welcome you and be ready to assist!