Smallville Confirms that People are Evil

I am currently busy watching the TV-series ‘Smallville’ – I’m at season 5 at the moment – and what is interesting is that all the people who end up with ‘superhuman’ powers due to being affected by meteor-rocks, all use their powers for self-interested purposes. All end up being criminals, abusing their powers in some way or another, to satisfy their own personal desires or wants, and in the process disregarding anyone else.

Whereas Smallville is supposed to be the story of Superman – an alien with superhuman powers who becomes a hero for humanity; using his powers for the benefit of all mankind – the series so far turns out to be more about how people use superhuman powers for their own evil purposes, because suddenly they are able to do what they’ve always wanted to, and get away with it too.

Just another illustration of the true nature of mankind…