Dag 113: A Family Tree of Judgments

Yesterday I was standing in front of the mirror after I took a bath. I saw I was reacting to the shape of my body, specifically around my hips. So - I placed my hands on my hips, breathed in and looked at the reactions - of course the judgments were in relation to 'being too fat', that there is fat tissue around my hips that 'shouldn't be there' or 'doesn't need to be there'. Then, still with my hands on my hips, I asked myself where this judgment comes from - I then saw two memories - one of my father telling me that 'you gained weight again' and one of my mother telling me the same. In both memories, I reacted quite extensively. Then I asked 'where do those judgments come from?' and I saw again two memories - of my grandparents coming into the house - in the one memory telling my mother that she gained weight and saying how they've lost weight and another one where they tell my father that he's gained weight and keeps on getting rounder.

So, what this shows is that self-judgments are taught by our parents judging us and they were taught from their parents judging them. So, there exists for each family a 'family tree of judgments' - where you can trace back each judgment to the previous generation, and the previous, and the previous and so on.

This gives of course a new perspective on 'The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' - where such tree is not one standing in some garden in some promised land - but a tree that exists within and as us, that grows from generation to generation and its fruits are the judgements that stand in the polarity of good or evil - and that are passed on from parents to children.

That is how parents teach, after all - to label some things as 'good' and others as 'bad'. Raising a child then means nothing more than passing on your judgment to your children - so that your children eventually grow up to be able to judge themselves. And then the education is complete and the child is ready to go and pass on their judgments to their own child.

Within this no real education takes place, because when a child goes through an energetic reaction of, for instance, being angry at their sister or brother - and start 'acting up' - all the parents do is to place a label on this behavior as being 'bad' and that, therefore, it must be hidden from sight. To educate a child for real would be to assist the child in understanding their own experience through assisting them in building an adequate vocabulary. So - that when they experience this 'inner madness' again - they know that it is anger - and not 'something bad that must not be seen'. Once the experience is identified, the parent can assist the child in seeing where the anger originates from and then together practical solutions can be found. Herein children should not be underestimated - assist them to gain clarity and understanding and they'll often be able to see the solution for themselves.

To pass on judgments from one generation to another is nothing more than passing on your limitations to your child - making sure that no-one ever accepts themselves, no-one ever has confidence, no-one ever has self-trust, no-one ever stands up, no-one ever really truly lives.

The exact same method is applied in our judicial system - where nothing more is done than to create laws that label certain behavior as 'good' and other behavior as 'bad'. The apparent criminal is then in no way assisted to understand the origin of their behavior and no efforts are done to correct these origins - all that happens is that a 'punishment' ensues to ensure that such behavior is discouraged and suppressed. Seeing this - it is ridiculous to claim that humanity has ever evolved - because we've only ever lived in and as judgment. We cannot transform ourselves to be or become anything more than we are now if we continue to accept and allow ourselves to live in judgment - because judgment equals limitation.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will keep on growing and will keep us entagled in our own fears as long as we continue to pass judgment on ourselves, on others - and especially, on our children.

So - what is meant with the story in the bible of God saying not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Was this story actually referring to the sins of the fathers and how we are sinning against ourselves if we accept and allow ourselvse to perpetuate the cycle of 'Judge as you have been Judged'? And that - Eve eating from the tree is showing how humanity has chosen to be swayed by the serpent as their mind to indulge in judgments - where, from that moment onwards - we screwed ourselves into infinity, banished from paradise. Because - wouldn't it be paradise if judgment no longer existed and, instead, unconditional support and assistance was offered so that no-one any longer has to live in confusion, suppression, fear and limitation? To ensure that each one is educated to be the best and most empowered version of themselves?

It only takes one moment - one bite - to con ourselves into accepting judgment as truth, as valuable, as relevant, as personal. So - when judgment presents itself - don't bite - don't participate - unconditionally forgive and let go. And when you forgive - you forgive not only yourself - but you stand as your entire family tree and release the judgment for everyone that has gone before you, unconditionally. And so, slowly but surely - you uproot the Tree of Judgment and allow the Tree of Life to flourish instead - ending the cycle of the sins of the fathers, discontinuing the line. Someone at some point along the line has to take responsibility for self and all that have gone before self to stop the perpetuation of limitations - and to find out: what is freedom really? Isn't this where parenting starts?

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